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Grandmaster Starks started his martial arts career studying Shori Ryu Karate with Grandmaster Larry Tankson and later working with Grandmaster's Preston and Otis Baker. They promoted him to the rank of Roku Dan 6th Degree Black Belt, and appointed him Regional Director of U.M.A.A. United Martial Arts Association. He honorably retired from that position in 2017. He began wrestling with the Washington Park District program. He was always a fan of Boxing, decided to give it a try, and once again turned to the City of Chicago's Park district at Fuller park, and trained with Golden glove Champ Henry Sims. He has Amassed a 32-0 amateur record and 17-0 professional record.

His attention turned back to traditional martial arts, but he desired an aggressive self-defense system. This pursuit carried him to Jujutsu Institute downtown Chicago where he trained with some of the greatest Jujutsu Masters. Professor Patrick Browne's protege SB Sanders, Philiberto Gutiarez, Judo Master Professor Hollis Barnett, and a host of others. Eventually receiving the rank of Judan 10th Degree Black Belt, ranked with the International Martial Arts Association and continuing to study with famed Grandmaster Julio Ortiz Ph.D. and Founder of the Yama-Jutsu Ryu system.

This experience led to a career in martial arts combative competition. He competed nationally and internationally in NHB (no holds barred) MMA and Muay Thai with a total combined fight record of 89-0. In 2017 he was inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Soke of the Gyawn Atiko Jujutsu system, President / Founder of the Universal Martial Artist International Association, Global Peace award recipient, established the first successful martial arts program at the largest community center in Chicago Illinois Ray and Joan Kroc center Salvation Army. He is currently the Founder and Headmaster of Dragon Budo Jujutsu Martial Arts Academy in Chicago, Illinois.